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Sep 2014

Issue highlights:

  • Upcoming webinars to discuss using iPSCs in drug development
  • CDI European User Group Meeting to take place Oct 6 - register today
  • Utility of iCell technology detailed in recent articles, protocols & posters

Jul 2014

Issue highlights:

  • iCell Neurons webinar recording now accessible
  • Registration open for upcoming iCell user group meetings
  • Conference posters available for download

Jun 2014

Issue highlights:

  • iCell Neurons webinar: registration is now open
  • Published research details novel method to analyze compounds for neurotoxicity 
  • iCell posters, presented at recent conferences, are accessible online

May 2014

Issue highlights:

  • Now Available! iCell DopaNeurons
  • Registration open for upcoming iCell Cardiomyocytes webinar and 2014 CDI User Group Meeting
  • iCell Neurons provided insights into varicella-zoster virus infectivity and latency
  • iCell Hepatocytes application protocol and iCell Endothelial Cells poster available for download

April 2014

Issue highlights:

  • Registration open for upcoming iCell Neurons webinar and UK User Group Meeting
  • iCell Cardiomyocytes predicted off-target toxicity in a targeted cancer therapy
  • 2014 CDI User Group Meeting slated for Aug 11 – 13 in Boston
  • Posters presented at recent conferences available for download

March 2014

Issue highlights:

  • Dr. Roberto Iacone (Roche) discusses how iCell and MyCell Cardiomyocytes enable diabetic cardiomyopathy research
  • iCell technology featured in 25+ presentations at SOT 2014
  • Dr. James Thomson (CDI founder and stem cell innovator) talks about his latest research in Financial Times interview

February 2014

Issue highlights:

  • iCell Cardiac Progenitor Cells are now available
  • Dr. Bill Murphy (UW) talks about in vitro models for vascularization 
  • Lilly publishes on the use of iCell Neurons to study autism

January 2014

Issue highlights:

  • Discover how iCell® Neurons and label-free assays can automate phenotypic screens for improved drug research
  • Access the new iCell Cardiomyocytes dissociation protocol
  • Learn about upcoming conferences and recent press releases

December 2013

Issue highlights:

  • Learn how iCell Cardiomyocytes advance LVH research
  • See iCell technology in action in our webcasts and conference posters
  • Read about presentations to attend at the upcoming ASCB and SLAS meetings

November 2013

Issue highlights:

  • Check out how iCell Hepatocytes support hepatitis research
  • Register for upcoming webinars detailing phenotypic and iPSC assays for drug development
  • Learn about the utility of iCell and MyCell technology from presentations at recent conferences

October 2013

Issue highlights:

  • Check out webinars detailing how iPSC technology aids drug discovery
  • Read recent journal articles about the phenotype and utility of iCell Cardiomyocytes
  • Access presentations from MipTec 2013

September 2013

Issue highlights:

  • iCell Astrocytes and iCell Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells now available
  • Upcoming webinars to describe how human iPSC-derived cells model disease and enable phenotypic approaches to drug research
  • iCell Cardiomyocytes training course set for Nov 6 - 7, in Madison, WI
  • Posters from the 2nd Annual CDI User Group Meeting and from ELRIG Drug Discovery 2013 accessible online

July 2013

Issue highlights:

  • Special offer to first 100 registrants for 2013 User Group Meeting (UGM)
  • Keynote speaker, Dr. Leroy Hood, as well as thought leaders from pharma, academia, and biotech confirmed to speak at the 2013 UGM 
  • iCell presentations at ISSCR meeting and new iCell Product Tour video available for viewing
  • CDI named co-winner of the 2013 Emerging Leader - US Award by the Japan - US Innovation Awards program 

June 2013

Issue highlights:

  • A Toxicol Sci article shows that iCell Cardiomyocytes act as a relevant model for safety screens
  • iCell workshop presentations and an iCell Endothelial Cells video are now accessible online
  • iCell and MyCell technology will be discussed during various presentations at ISSCR 2013
  • A preliminary agenda and list of confirmed speakers are available for the CDI User Group Meeting

May 2013

Issue highlights:

  • Recent GEN article describes how iCell Hepatocytes prove predictive for toxicity testing and disease modeling
  • Several iCell posters and iCell Neurons application protocol are available for download
  • CDI will be presenting at several upcoming conferences
  • Registration is open for the iCell workshop (May 20, London) and CDI User Group Meeting (Aug 26 - 28, Madison, WI)

April 2013

Issue highlights:

  • Upcoming iCell workshop (May 20, London) will include data-driven presentations from researchers at pharma companies
  • Recent PLoSOne article describes the use of iCell Neurons for pharmacological characterization
    of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
  • iCell presentations given at SOT, AIMBE, HESI, and ELRIG meetings are available for download

March 2013

Issue highlights:

  • Highlights of CDI presentations at SOT, AIMBE/NIH, HESI, ELRIG, and Phenotypic Screening meetings
  • Learn more about the CDI one-on-one appointments program
  • See the latest CDI videos and publications
  • Save the date for the 2013 CDI User Group Meeting

February 2013

Issue highlights:

  • Upcoming events at SOT 2013, and the JSPS Annual Meeting
  • Announcement of the winners of the iCell Screening Grant
  • Four new iCell Cardiomyocytes protocols for modeling cardiac hypertrophy
  • New peer-reviewed research on the use of iCell Neurons as an in vitro model for varicella zoster virus infection

January 2013

Issue highlights:

  • Upcoming events: SLAS2013 conference and iCell® Cardiomyocytes training course
  • Two featured applications: Transfection technologies using three types of iCell cells and MEA technology using iCell Neurons
  • Two peer-reviewed publications: Jaspamide toxicity research using iCell Cardiomyocytes and Alzheimer’s disease modeling using iCell Neurons